100/365 – Pump It Up!

100/365 – Pump It Up!










And then comes the moment where you celebrate a finish line and although it might well not be the one you were envisioning, you enjoy it.

With creativity as well as with life, we can’t just stop and observe, we can’t wait for things to happen. Even when we are not moving, we are still observers of the context, explorers of the unknown, dreamers of the unrealized. We are the creation before it happens and we just move around waiting for that happening to show up.

Our role as creators, hence as human beings, is indeed to pump reality with our vision and dreams. We often don’t even need to create something tangible, it might be enough to be the medium between what’s in the mind and how it is expressed. It is a key role in society and we are called to live it and own it, no matter what we do or where we are.

We can take reality and pump it up to the next level, any moment, without any break. We have that power, let’s use it!

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