113/365 – A Matter of Practice.

113/365 – A Matter of Practice.

Everything is, after all, and indeed, a matter of practice.

We depend on what we do, on how much we do, on the time we are willing to spend and invest in practicing something. That something depends on our practice, and the two things help and feed each other all the time.

Looking back at my recent years I notice how this concept has become a big part of my life. Not that I didn’t practice anything before, but the concept of fully dedicating myself to something is quite recent. This blog is the result of two years of effort into something very tangible (the “one video a day” and the “one sketch a day” projects) and they helped me think and reflect on how much a practice brings power to our spirit and body. The rhythm, the challenges, the happy and downside moments, the weather, the dreams and an entire life can be guided by the practice of something.

Just like the yoga class I take every week (not enough!), life is a constant practice of our beliefs; we are daily training to live, by doing what we do and trying what we try. Once we start realizing that, we just can’t stop doing it more and more.


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