115/365 – Mind in the Sky.

115/365 – Mind in the Sky.

To make things and make things happen we need to make sure we stay steady on the ground but, also and almost more importantly, we need to be able to fly with our mind.

This means our ideas don’t only live next to us but are often in the air, in a space we can’t apparently reach or see. They are around us though, and our task is to identify them and reach them.

It is more or less what I do. While flying from one place to the other I find that thinking, reflecting and actually making gets easier. It is true that we lose our contact with the ground and therefore with our essence, but at the same time, we are in a condition (flying) which is extra-ordinary and also helpful.

No one calling, no interferences, no additional tasks from what we defined taking off…these conditions help us achieve what we want to achieve and looking out of the window that’s exactly what I see: possibilities and peace of mind.

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