118/365 – Taking Off.

118/365 – Taking Off.

What’s really important when dealing with ideas and almost anything else, from sports to projects, from life to thoughts, is the start. It is the point where everything starts seeing a light or a direction and we get more conscious of possibilities and opportunities.

Starting isn’t always easy though, and while reflecting on what that means I want to keep a few things in mind.

Any start is better than standing and waiting.

We should start from a place of serendipity, not necessarily clarity or strength.

Start doesn’t happen by itself, it’s always up to us to make the first move.

When in doubt, choose one point and start from there, without too much planning or thinking.

If we want our ideas to take off and start flying we need to take some risk and get them moving.
Ideas that wait too much in the garage of our mind don’t make it further and there’s a good chance they will never do.

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