13/365 – The Power of Trying Out Something New.

13/365 – The Power of Trying Out Something New.

You have at least one secret power in your hands.

This is fundamental to generate ideas.
This is why I’m writing this Blog. Writing is not my strength, nor was shooting or editing videos, or drawing human faces.
This is why I just started doing it. By struggling and trying, I found my limits and overtook them.

Success is not doing it right. In most cases, it is just DOING it.

Try something for the first time.
Try the thing that makes it difficult for you.
Try it in a different context.
Do it with your eyes closed.
Do it with the wrong tool.
Do it and observe what happens.
Take notes.
Start back.

Just by trying, you might end up with the most powerful thing you have ever done. At least, you tried.

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