14/365 – The Work is Teaching You the Work.

14/365 – The Work is Teaching You the Work.

For everything we do, there’s a thought behind. We create our own mental image of an idea, a project or a dream, and fight to make it happen. It is by putting together this list of images that we shape who we are by what we do.

It becomes a mission to transform the mental image into a practice so that, step by step, it will take shape.

The shape is not always and necessarily created by us; more often we just have to create the conditions for the mental image to become something and it will hopefully become by itself. We have to be patient and put passion into it and treat it like we would do with a flower.

The action in developing an idea is like the water that grows your plants.

And if it’s true, as I believe, that the best way to learn is by doing, the work you will do will teach you more than any detailed plan.

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