16/365 – Keep Dreaming

16/365 – Keep Dreaming

We constantly need to remember to keep dreaming, which doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sleep on your thoughts.

Keeping a dream alive means being able to imagine the unexpected, picturing a project until we make it.
We need to be able to dream something keeping our minds open and available; a dream is the only thing that will make our ideas come to life at an eventually higher quality than planned or expected. Dreams are there to make the impossible real, to make the untouchable concrete, to make the unsaid become real words. The craziest your dream is, the better! You can always lower your expectations later: leave that for the end, not for the beginning. Don’t put limits on what your mind can imagine and just let your wildest dreams go ahead.

Only by dreaming something we can see it before it happens and we often waste our time trying to picture just the conclusion of something.
Try first with putting down all your dreams: they don’t cost much and they will be a guide for your actions and decisions.

When having issues with having a dream with your eyes open, look at the sky and you’ll find it there.

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