178/365 – Not Found.

178/365 – Not Found.

What happens when your idea gest lost?

I started to have a sketch/notebook when I was around 17. I started noticing a lot of ideas were showing up and then suddenly disappearing. Ideas were giving me a sign and then going somewhere else, who knows where!

So I decided it was my task to find a way to keep them close and with me. A notebook has always been with since then (ok, today my iPhone does most of it, especially when I’m not with my backpack) and has been collecting all my thoughts and ideas and illuminations with short and essential notes and sketches that would ensure I wouldn’t let any of them fly away anymore.

Having ideas is already hard enough to do and letting them go is a real shame indeed. Find your own way to keep track of them and have them around for the day you will need them the most: the day without ideas.

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