170/365 – Stay Up!

Doing one thing a day is a lot about learning how to stay up and don’t actually give up. Part of this exercise is about observing our limits and see where I can get: limits help to understand where we…

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169/365 – My Way.

We all have our own way of doing things and that’s probably one of the first things to consider when creating something. Do it your way! Consider suggestions, insights, experience, context and all the rest…but ultimately, do it the way…

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167/365 – Two Sides of The Same Coin.

We need variety, an abundance of opinions, different points of view. To create means not to focus our energy on one thing and narrowing our attention. To create means opening to possibilities and different voices, listening to every side of our…

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166/365 – Pieces of An Idea.

One way to go when stuck with your idea(s) is to take what you have and deconstruct it, basically break it into pieces. The “thing” might not make sense by itself, but its pieces will if you look carefully. First,…

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164/365 – In Between.

Never forget to look in between things and not only in their face. Often, what’s hidden in between is far more interesting and stimulating then what you see in the first place, bot because it’s new for you and for others who…

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162/365 – Layers.

Time is often one of our best friends. We don’t always need to do all the job as time will volunteer to be our best support. We can plan and execute and then over time our inventions will take a…

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