273/365 – Homeworks.

273/365 – Homeworks.

Creating anything involves effort and dedication. Nothing happens by chance or without putting energy into it.

So it ends up that creativity and idea generation is a little bit like doing homework…let me explain.

Homeworks are there to help us learn new things by repeating or practicing something, by applying what we have learned somewhere else, by putting on paper (physically or metaphorically) what we think we know. By doing our homework we find out where we are or feel weak, where we need more attention and time and focus. By practicing, we learn better and we sometimes think it’s boring because we know it all. And then we find out we don’t.

So homework. It is our duty to practice, learn, learn more and better, find out what we don’t know. Our homework in creating is to…create all the time! In any context and field, applying our learning to everything we can possibly think of.
And if we manage to do it in good company and having fun, there’s nothing else we need.

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