358/365 – Rush Is The Enemy.

358/365 – Rush Is The Enemy.

As usual, the best learnings come from nature.

I learned from nature many things, about myself and my body, about people and energy behaviors, about time.

Nature teaches us time is the most important thing, and by doing this blog I wanted to challenge the concept of time (finding time to do it, every day and at basically any time). Yet, I didn’t want to challenge time for the sake of it but I wanted to face it and have a conversation with it.

And so, even more, I learned time is the condition I operate within and not a factor I can change or influence.
In creative environments, we often feel we don’t have enough time to do what we need to do, that we would need more. And we just can’t.

I believe that learning to operate within these conditions is the real secret for a happy creative life.

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