361/365 – Feeling Romantic.

361/365 – Feeling Romantic.

Towards the end of the year and, for me, the end of this blog, I tend to become more romantic.

That kind of romance that makes you think about the past and think about what you are losing moving ahead.
That kind of romance that makes you appreciate a sunset with special colors and make you think about what you are missing.

Romance, like every other feeling, is a great opportunity to express yourself at a higher level and create something: ideas come from feelings and romance, if well used, is one of the most powerful in my opinion.

There’s, in fact, a mix of sadness and tension to the future that makes you reflect and focus on what’s important for you at that moment: that’s what creates the momentum for your creation and, even if it’s getting to an end, makes you smile.


Thanks Chichibar per la foto!

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