81/365 – Abundance.

81/365 – Abundance.

Let’s say I prefer abundance to scarcity (which will receive its full consideration in another post).

Abundance can sound like too much or not needed, like something in addition to what’s just enough. Abundance with a negative meaning and message, a way to have more than we planned to have.

That’s what it is somehow. And it isn’t.
The abundance of options is what I want to have on the plate, what I want to create for me a safe space to choose from, a basket of options that will allow me to vary without having to much to struggle. The abundance of options, ideas, possibilities.

Just like for these posts and for life, having a larger pot to choose from is better than having to live with what we have. I tend not to waste any of the options and actually use most of them most of the time, one after the other. Simply, I see that when the options are there and I built a good system to have them available, I feel better and everything is smoother.

So, bring me some abundance and I’ll make good use of it!

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