84/365 – It’s a Pleasure.

84/365 – It’s a Pleasure.

I notice how a few things influence my attitude and behavior: weather and time.

I think I have a really good relationship with time: I think that time is a condition we can’t change and just by acting that way we play along pretty well together. I adapt to time and, after all these years, time adapts to me.

Weather makes a huge difference for me, and I notice that by observing my body getting attracted by the outside more and more when the sun starts to come out from behind those winter clouds.
Thoughts and ideas and reflections are just more and more interesting with sunlight and I think we all have those elements that change our feelings. We should just identify the ones that work for us and look for them all the time.


A short author note: I notice many of these posts are taking a very personal view and are sharing my own feelings around idea generation. This is and it isn’t the intent of this blog, which has really no intent besides sharing what I feel and see in the exercise of creation.

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