91/365 – Do Anything at Least Once.

91/365 – Do Anything at Least Once.

Ideas don’t come from “nothing”. They come from “something”.

That something can be in what we do every day, in some habits, in a comfortable place.
It can be something we practice all the time or in something we are experts about.
It can be found next to where we are or in somebody we know very well.

That’s the reason why I believe we have to try anything at least once. Try the wrong way, the wrong place, the other side, the other opinion. Choose the wrong path, wear the wrong clothes, go to the wrong place, listen to the wrong music.

Discover what “wrong” means to you. Go there, explore, don’t judge, be open.


(I trust you will be able to judge how much “anything” can be pushed to a limit and what it can be and become…)

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