117/365 – Ordered Chaos.

There’s something fascinating in chaos and in what chaos can bring you. We tend to think chaos is equal disorder and means something is unplanned and unorganized. Chaos is indeed a state of confusion, but who said confusion is a…

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67/365 – Make It Yours.

I’m a big fan of copying. Copying isn’t just tracing a different reality but it is YOUR version of a reality. For exactly that reason is important: it shows a variety of perspectives, richness of opinions, strength of styles. I…

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53/365 – It’s That Simple.

Ideas can be as simple and powerful as a brush sign. I look at the beauty of a simple line traced with a brush and admire the complex perfection that’s hidden behind a sign of a moment, an unintentional action…

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41/365 – About Drawing.

Drawing is my great passion. Everything related to illustration and visualization of something speaks to my life. I’ve always been passionate about drawing and using visuals to tell stories, share moments, explain thoughts. It became my work and it is…

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18/365 – Close Your Eyes

I put so much effort into what I do that sometimes I forget to let it go. This often happens when I start drawing: it is so important to me that the final result is clean, close to perfection, showing care but also…

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3/365 – Repetition

I find so true that when you want to really own something, in terms of know-how and mastery, you need to do it again and again over time, in other words: Practice. I love the concept of repetition and that’s…

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