Why This Blog?

In the past two years, I developed two very personal and, for me, challenging projects.
In 2016 I created a video per day and posted it on YouTube.
In 2017 I did an illustration a day and kept it in my Notebook.

In both cases, I wanted to explore and practice something to get better at it and challenge my creativity by actually creating something every single day. I found this process so interesting that the 2018 project is going to be this Blog: an exploration of what it means to come up with an idea, where do I find them, how do I deal with lack of creativity and how do I manage my time to eventually come up with something and do it.

How does this work?

I will publish one post per day and will try to keep it as different as possible from the previous day.
To get notified when a post is published you can follow the account on Instagram or come back here periodically.
I will be collecting all of the posts to eventually try to publish something with them.
Feedback is more than welcome.

Who am I?

I am (in chronological order): a Belgian, an Italian, a middle brother, a curious mind, an artist, a silkscreen worker, an explorer, a graduate in art history, a knowledge worker, a graphic facilitator, a designer, a facilitator, a husband, a dad, an entrepreneur, a good listener, a runner.

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